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Vintage Grandma's House Block Decor Cursive Font Sage Green

Grandma's House is where cousins go to become best friends!! How true that is!! Grandma or Grandpa will love this!! I can have this say Nana, Papa or whatever your term of endearment is. Choose your saying below.

These blocks are sanded, the two top blocks are painted cream, sanded again, stained for the vintage look and then black vinyl is added for the lettering. The bottom block is painted sage green. An adorable burlap ribbon gives it the final touch!

The total height of these blocks are 6" and the width is 6", 7" and 8".

Perfect for Mother's Day or Father's Day, Christmas or Grandma and Grandpa's birthdays!!

If you like this product you can purchase from my Etsy Shop here. Or check out more my Etsy Shop for more products.

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